Nikon F mount for Leica-R lenses

For modifications I use custom refined Chinese mounts. Unlike other popular steel mounts, these are made from brass with nickel coating, and have high dimensional accuracy and low deviation of the surfaces. This guarantees a high probability of a correct infinity position, provided that the factory alignment of the infinity position was accurate.

The mounts have additional refinements to the holes for the aperture ball bearing, for more clear "stop" and "half-stop" positions of the aperture's setting ring. For more positive aperture stops, you can the stretch the spring under the ball a bit when you install the mount - the springs are often weak due to prolonged use. These mounts are suitable for almost all Leica-R lenses, with 6 or 10 holes.

For the mounts, we also offer the possibility of hard hard stops for the end of travel, and an original Dandelion chip. With Leica-R lenses, this chip makes it possible to work on entry-level Nikon cameras in Aperture mode, and also registers focal length and maximum aperture in EXIF. Additionally you can do focus confirmation adjustments in the Dandelion firmware, and enable semi-automatic shooting using the focus confirmation signal. More information about the Dandelion chip can be found on the developer's web-site